"Empowering Communities One Family At A Time"

About Empowering Families, LLC

Empowering Families, LLC was founded by two liked minded woman in behavioral health field. Empowering Families, LLC strives with working with our families and staff.  Empowering Families, LLC was started in a simple conversation and put into action in 2013!


Ms. Dhaima Martin earned MSW from Norfolk State University. Ms. Martin has earned certifications in QMHP-C & QMHP-A. Also, Ms. Martin has earned over 15 years of experience in behavioral health. Ms. Martin was born raised in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to the USA. Ms. Martin strives being personable  with everyone! 

Ms. Jessica Valdivia has earned a BS in Clinically Psychology from Old Dominion University.  Ms. Valdivia has earned certifications in QMHP-C & QMHP-A.  Ms. Valdivia has over 11 years of experience in behavioral health. Ms. Valdivia was born to immigrant parents from Mexico. Ms. Valdivia is first generation Mexican-American. Ms. Valdivia enjoys conversing with everyone!